Weary Good Deed

So shines a good deed in a weary world.

–  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I need to quit leaving this site for so long, but life happens and people get busy.  That being said, I am on to todays post.

I have been helping my grandparents around their house as well as staying there to keep them company.  The other night my grandma did not know what she wanted to do, so I suggested that we watch a movie together.  So I found the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. I figured that this would be a movie that she would remember (she has Alzheimer’s), well, I figured wrong. She was insistent on the fact that we were watching the remake. There went my idea of helping her with some memory triggers.

Anyways.  At the end of the movie when the only child left of the tour is Charlie, he finds out that he didn’t get the prize. To back track, most of you have hopefully seen this movie, Charlie and his grandpa broke one of the rules of the tour and tried one of Wonkas newer inventions. They didn’t know that Wonka knew about it, until he confronted them about it in the end of the movie.  Wonka told Charlie that because he and his grandfather broke the rule that there would be no prize. There is another back track to the movie, just a refresher for some, at the start of the movie, whenever one of the five children found the Golden Ticket there would be a wired/scary looking guy appear to each child and whisper in thier ear something. When it was Charlie who won the ticket we got to hear what the stranger told the other four children.  Come to find out that stranger was no other than one of Willy Wonka`s competitors in the candy industry, Slugworth.  Slugworth offered every child a huge amount of money if after their visit to the chocolate factory they bring back a sample of Wonkas latest invention, The Everlasting Gobstopper.   Wonka ended up giving all of the five children a sample of the Gobstopper during their tour of the factory.  When Charlie and his grandfather found out that they were going to leave without the prize that was offered to them, Charlies grandfather said that Slugworth is going to get what he wants.  But Charlie being the decent boy that he was went back to the desk where Wonka was sitting, took the Everlasting Gobstopper out of his pocket and placed it on Wonkas desk.  Wonka grabbed the Gobstopper and said “So shines a good deed in a weary world”.  It turns out that the whole Gobstopper thing with Slugworth and the money was just a test to see which child Wonka could trust to take over his factory.  Charlie came from a poor family and won a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the chocolate factory; Charlie was also offered a large sum of money that his family could’ve used to pay bills and feed themselves for a long time.  Charlie, even though his family needed the money, did the right thing and did not give Slugworth the candy.  Charlies prize at the end was something all kids dream of, owning a chocolate factory!  

Goal: When we have a decision to make there are often to choices to choose from, and the choices are usually from two different categories; the right choice or the wrong choice.  We outweigh the good and the bad, the consequences of the action, and how the action will benefit us.  The next time that you are faced with a tough decision, don’t think about how it will benefit you in the time being, but think about how it will benefit you in the future and what kind of person you will feel like when the “deed” is done.Remember, sometimes the decisions that we make don’t always just have to be about us, those decisions can also be for the greater good of others.  Who knows, maybe for the greater good of the entire world.


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