What is Normal?

“Being normal is vastly overrated.”

– Debbie Reynolds

Everyone wants to be a normal person, with a normal life, a normal job, and a normal family.  When no-one even knows what normal even is.  How can we live up to the expectation of normal when no one has any idea of what normal even is?  There is one thing that we can know for sure about Normal and that is the definition of itself.

Normal: Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

Being Normal sounds like following even more rules from society as to how we are supposed to live our lives, how we are supposed to look, and how we are supposed to act around others.  Which is why I believe that being normal is vastly overrated.  Live your life with whatever type of normality that you want.  If you want to believe in something, then believe in it.  If you want to act like yourself in front of strangers, act like yourself.  If you want to be the person that`s known for always being happy, then be that person.  I guess what I am trying to say is that being normal is very boring, there are too many “rules” to follow just to be normal.

Goal:  Go out into the world and know that today is going to be a better day because you are going to be yourself.  You will stand out in the crowd because everyone else is too busy being normal.


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