Change the World…Who Me?!…

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

– Robin Williams

We all have that “million dollar” idea that we believe will change the world.  The reason why I call it them the million dollar ideas is because if you were to recive a dollar for every time someone told you that the idea was stupid, dumb, and or impossible; you would have a million dollars by the time you made that idea (dream) into a reality. 

Those ideas could be something as simple as making every person that you meet smile. Or as simple as being the first link in the longest chain of paying it forward. The ideas could also be something as complex as world peace, making a difference in the world, or taking a stance and putting an end to bullying. To be honest, there is no difference in the simplicity of our million dollar ideas. Actually, the biggest obstacle that is stopping you/is from making a difference in the world is ourselves. 

Goal: No idea is worthless, they only become worthless when you make them that way. Go out there today and do what you have to in order to get one step closer to achieving your idea/goal. You never know, your idea could be the next million dollar idea. Your idea might even change the world. 


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