Five Years and Still Staying Strong!

I originally had no idea how I would write this post.  I did know that it had to be done.  Yesterday, the 17th, marked my five year anniversary since the day that I almost ended my life.  I was going to publish this post yesterday, but time just got out of my hands.

Wow, five years, I can’t believe it!  I seriously have no idea where to even begin to describe the amount of joy that this day is bringing me.  I have accomplished so much in those five years, more than I even thought that I would accomplish in my lifetime.  I achieved many accomplishments so far but I have also encountered a few setbacks along the way on my journey.   However, I always knew that I would encounter a few bumps in the road.

I wanted to recap on all, well, most of what has happened in these five years.

  1. This all started on the day that I almost ended my life, I was a sophomore in high school .  Which I wrote about in the blog post Skyscraper (click that link to refresh your memory of that post).
  2. After that day, I started to stand up for myself against those who had hurt me.  Eventually I would start to take a stand for others that were being bullied as well.
  3. The fall of my senior year in high school is when I started to post daily quotes from a quote book of mine onto my personal Facebook account.  (The reason as to why mosts of my blog posts start off with a quote).
  4. I was silent about my struggles with bullying for two years.  During my senior year of high school, I spoke to a group of middle schoolers about some of what I went through.  A middle schooler came up to me after that presentation and told me how much she related to what I shared with them.  Which really made me realize that I do have the potential to make a difference in others lives.
  5. I didn’t really know how I was going to make that difference, so I didn’t do much with my experience until I was a freshman in college.  I knew that I wanted to reach a wider audience and there was only one way that I knew would make it possible.  I ended up creating a blog, this blog.  It took me a day to come up with the name for this blog.  After a lot of thought and consideration about what the purpose of the blog would be for; I finally came up with the perfect name!  The name was inspired by two things that link back to one person.  Stay Strong, was a tattoo that pop artist Demi Lovato had tattooed on her wrist and it is also one of the messages that she passes on to her fans.  For those of you who are wondering what Demi Lovato has to do with me, the explanation is in the Skyscraper blog post.  Warrior is another song that was written and performed by Demi Lovato.  The song literally says “Now I’m a warriorNow I’ve got thicker skin.  I’m a warrior.  I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.  And my armor, is made of steel, you can’t get in.  I’m a warrior.  And you can never hurt me again.” So I guess that it made perfect since at the time to name this blog what I did, and it still makes perfect since to this day.  I named this blog Staying Strong: The Warrior Project. Two, almost three years later the blog is still serving it`s purpose!
  6. Last fall I wanted to make my story and my blog more known to the public.  So I created my very first video that shared my story.  Here is that video.
  7. Since my senior year in high school I have now spoken to a public audience eight times!  It was nerve-wracking at first because I had stage fright.  Now I am nervous the first five minutes of my presentations and the rest of my presentations go by smoothly.
  8. At the start of this year I thought that it would be a good idea to create a Youtube channel to reach more people.
  9. It has not always been sunshine and rainbows.  Occasionally I would go back into an eating disorder or two.  The rare suicidal thought that made me question why I choose to not end my life that day.  However, I decided to Stay Strong and fight through all of those obstacles that were thrown in my direction.
  10. I have also created various social media platforms for others to reach this blog.  I created a Facebook page, twitter account, Instagram account, Youtube channel, and a Google+ page.

Those are just some of all that I have accomplished in five years, I am proud of all of it.  I can’t wait to see what year six will bring with it!

Below are a few links for your references along with the two songs that really inspired me along my journey, especially at the beginning of my journey.

Facebook Page: Click here

Twitter: Click Here 

Instagram: Click Here 

Google+: Click Here

Youtube: Click Here

Skyscraper Music Video:


Warrior Music Video:

My very first video:

Goal: Always remember to Stay Strong and to love yourself for who you are. You are always enough! You are always worth it! You are so much more than you think that you are!  Also I want to thank all of you for all of your love and support!  You have no idea how much it means to me.  Your support is what keeps me going! You are all Skyscrapers, you are all Warriors, but most importantly you are all important.  Until next time, Stay Strong!


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