Second Wind

Why do we build up all these idols just to watch them fall?  You’re wearing the crown, toast of the town.  Then no one takes your call.  Yeah maybe I been down, down, down, down.  But I always come back around, round, round, round, yeah.

– Kelly Clarkson, Second Wind 

 Lets face it, we all get knocked down in life.  We get knocked down a lot, and sometimes when we get knocked down we hit the ground really hard and get the wind knocked out of us.  I should probably broaden this to say that it can happen to us literally and metaphorically.  I am sure that most of you (my readers) has had this happen to them at least once this year already.  I can recall two times in the past six months.  There are two types of people in the world when it comes to them being knocked down.  The first type is the one that just lays there and milks out the pain to make it noticeable for others to view.    The second type of person is the one who picks him/herself up, dusts off their knees, wipes the tears from their eyes, and keeps moving forward with their life; all the while carrying that experience that they just went through to make them a better person. It`s what we choose to do when we get knocked down that defines who we really are.

I am not saying that its not okay to kneel briefly wherever it was that you fell and cry about.  I am just saying that you will learn more about yourself as a person if you decided to continue and to try again at whatever that goal was that you were trying to accomplish for your life.

I was knocked down (physically, mentally, and metaphorically speaking) when I was dealing with the all of the bullying that I had went through when I was in school.  I used to just sit there after the fall whether it being a literal fall from being pushed down by someone or a mental blow by the words the were being said to me and about me.  I would sit there and cry, I have no idea what it was that I was expecting to get out of doing it, but I did.  Looking back at it I know that I made matters worse for myself because I painted a picture of myself for the bullies and others to see.  The picture the I painted was one of a big red target on my back.  Then it came to the day that I did both things in my life.  I had fallen when I went to slit my wrist with the razor blade.  But I fortunately decided that enough was enough, and that something needed to be done about all of the bullying and that if no one was going to do something then I should.  So I literally picked myself up off of the bathroom floor, wiped off the tears and started to make a change in my life for the good.  Not only a change in my life but in the life of others.

Every day I get a whiff of my Second Wind, and I inhale it in a deep breath and slowly release it as a new day, a new start, and a new step in my fight to helping others.

Goal:  What category do you fall under?  The one that just lies there and wait for someone to notice? Or, do you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on with your life?  I want to be honest with all of my readers,viewers, listeners, etc.  I am the one that used to just lay there.  However, I am now one of those that picks myself up no matter how far the drop and continue on with my life.  Yes, it can get hard, but who said life was easy.  Let me tell you something else, the things that we want in life will not come easy, we have to work at them or for them in order to receive them.  So go out there with the knowledge that you will fall and that you will have your Second Wind.  Just remember its what you do after that fall that determines who you are as a person and not what you did to fall.  I mean it`s very rare for a person to be known for their fall more than their rise after the fall.  Go out into the world and use that Second Wind to your advantage.


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