Friends are Something that We All Need

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

– Hellen Keller

 This past week has been quite an adventure for me.  As a college student it is very hard to keep the friends that you made in high school.  It`s even harder to keep those friendships going when your group of friends have jobs, homework, relationships, and classes that get in-between those friendships.  I mean sure, you stay in touch through social media and a text here and there, but thats it.  There is the occasional one to two hour meet up during spring and or winter break.  During summer break you really want to meet up with your friends and they want to meet up with you, however, you are always occupied with making money during the summer because you are able to work more hours during summer vacation.  When I was a freshman in high school, I remember being told by one of my teachers that you will only speak with a few of your friends after you graduate, and there will be not even a handful of your high school friends that you will actually stay friend with   for your whole life.  The first year of college proved just that for me.  However, this last week has proved the last part of that to be oh so real and heartwarming.

This week a friend of mine was and actually still is in the hospital.  I am not naming names, and or what lead the person to be in the hospital, in respect to my friend whom I don`t want to make his name known in this post.  I can say, that this friend had myself and a few of my other friends scared because of why he was admitted to the hospital.  I can also say that I have just received word that they believe they have figured out what is causing his condition.  Another friend of mine went up to the hospital the night before and stayed the night with our sick friend and our sick friends girlfriend.  The next day, another friend of mine, his girlfriend and I went up to visit at the hospital.  Our visit was originally planned as a three to five hour visit and due to circumstances which I will not discuss, we spent a total six and a half hours in the hospital that day.

We went through a lot yesterday in that short time period.  It felt like we were in that hospital for what was like a whole day, that is exactly how much happened in those six and  half hours.  I do not feel comfortable sharing any of the events that did happen in the hospital yesterday without my friends permissions.  I do know that I can say that we all had learned A LOT about each other yesterday and that we ALL became closer than we had been in the three years of our friendship. I can also speak on behalf of all us that we made memories that will last us a lifetime along with the fact that our friendships became permanent lifelong friendships.

Goal:  You will have friends that come and go out of your life and you might not even notice that they left.  Most of the times, those friendships ended for the best.  I learned something this week.  I learned to always make time to spend with your friends, even if it is for a thirty minute time period.  Communication is key when you are apart from each other.  Always stay in contact, make jokes about the stupid things you did when you were younger and open up more to each other every-time that you meet.

P.S. to my friends that I have seen and spent time with in the last forty-eight hours, this post is dedicated to you.


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