It`s Going to be Okay

“It`s gonna be okay, no matter how hard your rock bottom is; you can rise above it and you can come back.”

– Demi Lovato

We all will have a our own rock bottom stories to tell.  Each and everyone of those stories are unique and different in their own ways.  Here is a little but more about the day that I hit my rock bottom and how I became okay. Have I myself hit rock bottom? Absolutely, and I hit it hard.  I will always remember the afternoon that I had hit rock bottom.  That was the day that I almost ended my life with a razor blade and my wrist.  I thank God everyday for him and the inventor of the mirror (a little ironic that I am thankful for a mirror when, considering that I always say that the mirror can lie).  If God hadn’t made me take the split second of a look at my mirror; I most defiantly would not be here today, making what I believe is a difference.  I was startled by the person that I saw looking back at me.  I don’t really know what hurt the most at that second.  If it was the fact that I felt like I wasn’t enough to live, or the fact that I was getting ready to end my life.  What have I accomplished in the time period of four years?  How did I rise above my rock bottom? How did I come back?  I can tell you that the transition did not happen overnight, that`s for sure.  It took a lot of hard work…and I guess the right word would be…self control.  The first few times that I stood up for myself were really hard; I was afraid that I was going to be bullied just for standing up and actually doing something.  After a while it was like riding a bicycle…well kinda…once I started, I could`t stop.  But standing up for myself was not the only thing that I did.  I believe that the biggest obstacle that I had to accomplish was believing in myself and finding my confidence.  To be honest I am still working on my self confidence and self-esteem, as a matter of fact those two things will always be works in progress.  I have spoken publicly five times in the time period of two years.  My freshman year of college I created this blog in order to reach out to others.  I stand up for myself and others every chance that I get.  I have recently created a Vlog version of this blog.  I worked my butt off to get to the place where I am in my life today (free college education, blog,Vlog, Deans list twice in three semesters).  I am proud of everything that I have accomplished, and how high I have risen from my rock bottom in the short time period of four years.  I came back and I am better than ever.  Just think of the old saying “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”.

Goal:  We have two options in life when it comes to our rock bottom.  The first option of which is that we let or rock bottom linger over us like a dark storm cloud for the rest of our lives.  The second option is to rise above your rock bottom, this might sound cheesy but, rise above it like the sun, rise above it like a Skyscraper.  Most importantly, don`t forget to Stay Strong.


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