So you say I`m complicated.

 That I must be outta my mind.

But you had me underrated.

What`s wrong with being confident?

– Demi Lovato, Confident 

Recently I was asked by one of my fellow viewers a question.  Now this question would get a response from any person within a couple of seconds.  The question was “What is your definition of beauty?”  I told the person that the answer was easy and that she actually inspired me to write my next blog post, along with the fact that her answer would be fond in the post. The truth is that I lied about how easy it was to answer her question.  You see, there is a problem when it comes to giving a flat out true definition of beauty.  The major factor of that problem is that for every person that you ask on this planet you will get a different answer.  It was really hard for me to even come up with an answer that will sound logical and be agreed upon by others, it would be even more difficult for me to explain it without me putting it in writing first.  So the long and overdue definition of beauty that every human should have implemented into their mind is finally here!

In todays society it is really hard for a person to feel beautiful.  But why?  The answer is not simple, it is a long and complicated explanation.  If you were to ask any person on the street what their definition of beauty is; you would feel insecure about yourself.  You would hear that you need to be stick thin in order to be considered beautiful.  You would be told to cover your face with layers upon layers of makeup; in order to look like someone completely different.  Basically you would be told that you would have to change everything about yourself as a person to become beautiful.  You would be told that you can not look like yourself, you would be told that you have to be someone completely different.  That right there, in and of itself is a major lie and misconception about beauty.  In fact that definition will set you up for a lifetime of failure and unhappiness.

If I were to go into my bathroom right now to look for what the supposed definition of beauty is; I would criticize every single thing about my body.  For starters, the first thing that I`d see is that I am too short for a male of my age.  I mean after all you don’t see a shorter person in magazine adds, unless it`s a child.  The next thing that I`d focus on would be my weight.  There is no noticeable collar bone and the thigh gaps; what thigh gap?  My face would be the next point of focus.  There is an occasional zit and acne scar.  You don’t see that in magazines or on billboards, guess you need to cover those up!  Don’t even get me started on my skin tone!  I am not the right color of tan to be considered beautiful. What about my teeth?  The top row is straight and perfectly aligned, but the bottom row is a completely different story.  STOP!

The actual definition of beauty is as follows:

Beauty is loving yourself for what you actually look like.  Beauty is embracing every imperfection of our bodies as something that makes us unique and sets us apart from others.  Beauty is letting every scar that you might have speak for itself and show your history.  Beauty is not plastering make-up on your face to look like someone completely different.  Beauty is loving your height because all good things come in different sizes.  Beauty is not letting that number on the tag of your pants define who you are as a person.  Beauty is smiling at the world with what ever type of smile that you have.  Beauty is loving yourself for who you really are.  Beauty is so much more.


Recently in the media pop artist Demi Lovato did a spontaneous, untouched, and nude photoshoot.  She wanted everyone to know just how Confident she has become with her natural beauty.  Above is one of the pictures from the shoot (only one that does not reveal any nudity).  In the other photos you see that she embraces her freckles or what others call imperfections of the skin.  One of the photos she “bares” it all by sitting completely nude on a bathtub with her back facing the camera; leaving her bear end exposed for complete viewing.  In the interview for the shoot (for Vanity Fair) Lavato stated “I`m about to launch an album that finally represents who I truly am.  How do I embrace this new chapter in my life?  How do I really walk the walk?  What does it mean to be confident?  It means letting go, being authentic, saying I don’t give a f-, and this is who I really am.  I want to show the side of me that`s real, that`s liberated, that`s free.”  All of Lovatos fans were in support of the photo shoot because of her problems in the past. “I went from being in a place where I was suffering from an eating disorder and hating every single inch of my body to now baring my legs and showing more skin in front of the whole world and being proud of my body instead of loathing it.”  Here is the link to the full Vanity Fair article.

Goal: Don’t let society define who you are as an individual.  If you are not comfortable changing what you look like just to make someone else happy, don’t do it! You are beautiful just the way you are.  Don’t forget that it is what is on the inside that counts. The most beautiful people in this world are the ones who love themselves for who they really are.  Here is something else that you might not know: It does not matter what size you are, the color of your skin, your height, the type of smile you have because in the end when it gets down to it we are all the same.  Go a head and participate in No Make Up Monday`s and feel how easy it is to be yourself.  You might make everyday no make up Monday.  For the guys that are reading this, these problems apply to us too.  Just don’t let it define who you are.  Beauty is being Confident in the skin you are in.


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