Victoria`s Story, Part 1. Meet Victoria

Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear.  If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.

– Unknown 

Victoria was of the age of fifteen when she was diagnosed with Grade IV Medullabastoma (brain cancer).  Some might be asking why I have chosen to share a story like this.  The answer is simple but very long to explain.

I first met Victoria and her family a month ago while I was visiting family out of state.  It was close to eleven at night on the fourth of July, granted we were all still awake and in the backyard catching up with one another.  Out of no where we heard this young and energetic voice “The party can officially start now!” Victoria said, as she and her family walked through the garage to get to where everyone else was congregating. I started to look at a family friend with the look of “who the heck are these people?”.  Then it dawned on me, this was the girl that my aunt used to be neighbors with a couple years ago.  Victoria was the age of fifteen when she was diagnosed, and she has been through a lot since then.  Because I feel that her story is so important and big, I have decided that I am going to break her story up into parts.  Back to the night of July fourth!  After some small talk another family friend asked about her condition and her story; only because Victoria was mentioning treatments in her discussion.  While Victoria was sharing her story, I was hit by emotion after emotion.  First a few tears formed in my eyes while she told us about the diagnosis.  Those tears were soon replaced by a smile on my face and in my heart.  You see with all that Victoria has went through in the past two years she has still found time to be happy not only for herself but for others.  You could say that Victoria is the life of the party.  She even made us laugh in the middle of her story.  Before she was diagnosed, Victoria had long straight hair which soon fell out do to treatments and whatever was left was shaved.  She said that she prayed to the lord above for her hair to be curly when it would grow back, well her prayers were answered.  She has a head full of curly hair.  One of the reasons that I have decided to share Victoria`s story with all of you is because she is a Warrior.  She Stayed Strong with every treatment, surgery, doctor visit, and every time that she would look her brother into his eyes when he would sit next to her bed in the hospital (but that`s for another post).

Goal: No matter what you are going through this week, just take a moment to think that it will get better eventually.  Because if we “believe that tomorrow will be better”, we can get through todays battle a lot easier.  Victoria is an example for all of us Warriors to live by.  Stay strong, Victoria, Stay Strong.


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