Reintroducing Me

We can each define ambition and progress for ourselves.  The goal is to work toward a world where expectations are not set by the stereotypes that hold us back, but by our personal passion, talents and interests.  – Sheryl Sandberg

I know that it has been a long time since my last post, I apologize for that.  I hope to make it up to you all in the next few posts that I write.  There have been a lot of changes made to this blog in the duration of its first eight months.  A Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus page was made to help you the views stay up to date on all the changes that were being made. My original intentions of this blog were for self-esteem, self-help; then I started to share my story and opened my heart up to the readers even more.  But I feel as though I left a lot of information about me out of who I am and I am going to make that up to you guys/gals in this post.

My name is Raymond James Stone II (RJ), I am nineteen almost twenty years old.  My height? I don’t know it.  Am I the height that I want to be at? No.  Am I happy with my height? Well I am short, but I am taller than my mother, so I am content with that. My weight? It changes on a daily bases (I giggle in my throat as I type).  I keep it between 155 – 160 pounds.  I love food, I mean who doesn’t? I don’t live by a diet and or eat only healthy foods, I eat junk food and healthy food (more junk than healthy).  But I do have a healthy lifestyle I run 3 miles every day that I can, mostly 5 times a week.  Am I happy with my weight? Yes I am, mostly because I am just the right size not too much meat but not too much bone either.  I guess I am fun sized.  Facial figure? Who cares, I am happy with it!

I was a premature birth, born three months early.  I was no bigger than a Pepsi can.  At the time of my birth my mother came down with an illness thats known a Preeclampsia (illness that could affect pregnant women).  When I reached the age of four I was diagnosed with Attention-Deficet/Hyperactivity Disorder,ADHD (that was so much easier to say than the whole thing).  Man did that really put a label on me as a child, we never found the right medication and dosage of the right medication till I was seventeen.  With the ADHD I never really excelled as well as I could have in school and in life.  I was one of those kids that puberty skipped over for a few years and awkwardness took its place for the time being.  Which made me an easy target for bullying, I was bullied to the point where I almost ended my life one day.  But I Stayed Strong, and am here today helping others.  I was a “D” average student, but that all changed when we found the right medication.  I became an all “A” honor roll student, and was elected as president for my high schools chapter of the National Honors Society for my senior year. Unfortunately, the school that I was attending and had attended throughout my whole life; was facing financial problems and had to close its doors to its high school students at the end of my junior year.  I finished my high school education at a neighboring towns high school.

I grew up and am still growing up in the small town of Albion, Michigan.  Albion was once known for its diversity in cultures, some might have called it a melting pot (I know that I did).  Tough times are tough times, factories moved out of the town along with a hospital, the towns population slowly followed.  Ma and Pa stores had to suffer, well actually every business did when the factories closed.  All that remains of this small town is a drug store, movie theater, parks, a couple of gas stations, a college, a few fast food restaurants and the best pizza and deli place that I have ever been to (Gina`s Pizza and Deli).

Speaking of college, I am attending Kellogg Community College as a sophomore this year.  I am pursuing an associates degree in Human Services.  I could become a Social Worker, Youth Worker, etc.  As long as its helping people I am okay with it.  I forgot to mention because of how well I performed in my last few years of high school, I received a scholarship to attend KCC for free for two years, hard work does pay off.  Some people ask me if I stay in a dorm room.  Sadly KCC does not offer housing for its students.  Yeah that is the only thing that is a bummer about attending school there but I get to attend for free and am saving a lot of money that would’ve been spent had I gone to a different college.  I live at home with my parents and our dog, yeah it kinda sucks (every kid looks forward to the day they start college because they can get away from their parents).  However I am content with where I am living right now, its free and no crazy roommate that might cut my hair in the middle of the night.

in the past year I became vocal about my battle with bullying along with the day that I almost ended my life. I gave a few presentations to middle schoolers and my peers at KCC.  In doing so I have had numerous people come up to me and say thank you and or give me words of encouragement, some even share their stories with me.  As I continue to help others I am also healing myself in the process because I am able to tie everything together and make since of it in my life.

Like I said previously in this post I have created this blog in hopes to reach a bigger audience. Not to become the next big thing in the social media world.  I did it to reach other people that need help and are going thorough something like I did.  I want them to know that they are not alone and that there is help.  I might not be able to provide them with all of the help that he/she needs but its just enough to keep them going.  I mean after all I love helping people and that is exactly what I have decided to do with my life.

Again, I am sorry for the lack of posts this past month.  Thank you to all of my readers and supporters without you this page would not be here today.

Goal:  Don`t let todays world of stereotypes take you on a different path and make you into something that you are not.  Be you, thats the most important thing in this world is being yourself and being happy with the person you are.


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