Broken Heart?…Share It…

Continue to share your heart with people even if it`s been broken.” – Amy Poehler

Everyone will come to the point in their life where they will have to deal with the pain of a broken heart.  It`s what a person chooses to do with that pain that counts.  A broken heart isn’t necessarily from the break-up of a relationship.  It can deal with the loss of a family member, a close friend, a promise that was broken, even the loss of a family pet.  What can be done to stop this heartache from happening?  Some people might be sarcastic and say “Don’t fall in love.”  When in reality we can not control how we feel about people, and situations in our life.  Our feelings are a natural occurrence in the development process and we will continue to have feelings till the day that we die. My heart has been broken many times, but I have not let that discourage me from sharing it with people, if anything my sharing has helped the healing process.

Goal: Be the person that pours a little bit of themselves into everything they do.  When you do that, it becomes personal.  You get the since of a pride knowing that even though you were suffering at the time, you did not let the pain stop you.  A heart is a heart no matter the size.  The heart is what keeps us going, even when it is broken.  Broken or not keep sharing your heart and in return you will feel better share after share.


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