Two Pieces

There`s a boy, lost his way, looking for someone to play.  There`s a girl in the window, tears rolling down her face.  We`re only lost children, trying to find a friend.  Trying to find our way back home.” – Demi Lovato, Two Pieces 

This is a story about two kids who go by the names of Eric and Josh.  Eric and Josh became friends on the first day of kindergarten.  Where one went, the other would go.  If one got into trouble, the other would get into trouble as well.  The boys did everything together.  Some say that they were two peas in a pod.  Unfortunately, as time moved on the two of them moved on from each other as well.  As the boys matured their friendship vanished.  Josh started to transform into one of the cool popular jocks at the high school.  Eric on the other hand is bookworm, all “A” honor roll student.  The two different personality types would not look good together.  Eric was bullied a lot because of him being what others called a nerd.  There is a so called initiation to the popular clique, that being making others feel less of themselves.  One day when Josh and his “friends” were walking in the hallway looking for a victim, Eric just so happened to be in their line of sight.  The Jocks started to push Eric around and called him names.  They knocked the books out of Eric`s hand and tripped him.  Josh just stood there watching, he didn’t partake in the situation, he didn’t want to hurt Eric.  The whole time Josh was saying to himself that he should be doing something to stop them and to have them leave Eric alone, but he didn’t want to be kicked out of the group.

There`s a boy, lost his way, looking for someone to play.

That day after school Eric went home crying, he was tiered of being bullied.  Eric was done with fighting the depression that all of the bullying had caused him.  But most of all Eric was hurt because he saw his childhood friend do nothing but stand there.  Eric committed suicide that night.  The next morning when Josh got to school, the news of Eric`s death was everywhere.  Josh felt sick to his stomach and blamed himself for Eric`s death.  Josh went to the funeral and with guilt all over him.  After Eric was buried Josh paid a visit to his old friend.  He started talking to the grave and saying that he was sorry and he broke down and started to cry.  Josh said something to Eric`s grave, “If only I didn’t stand there and did something to help you that day.”  What would have happened if we could of actually turned the time back to the day of that incident?

These dark clouds over me, rain down and roll away.

“Guys, just leave Eric alone, he didn’t do anything to us.”  Josh said to his friends after they knocked Eric`s books out of his hands.  The Jocks and Eric both looked up at Josh in shock.  “Do you want to be popular or what, Josh?”  One of the boys asked.  “Not if it means picking on our peers and degrading their since of self worth.”  Josh paused and made eye contact with Eric, “No one, and I mean no one, messes with my friend.”  Eric started to tear up.  The jock group left Josh and Eric there in the hallway.  “You didn’t have to do that, I would have been fine on my own.”  Eric said to Josh as Josh was picking Eric`s books up.  “I know that I didn’t have to, I wanted to.  You are my friend and I want to keep it that way.”  Josh said as they headed down the hallway.  “Well what about those guys that you hang around with, you won’t be one of those popular kids if you hang out with me.”  Josh replied right away with “They are not my real friends, you are.”  As the two made their way into class and sat down next to each other, they started to make plans for the weekend.

We don’t know where to go, so I’ll just get lost with you
We’ll never fall apart, ’cause we fit together right, we fit together right
These dark clouds over me, rain down and roll away
We’ll never fall apart, ’cause we fit together like
We fit together like
Two pieces of a broken heart

Goal:  If you are a witness or have been a witness to something bad happening to someone, don’t just stand there.  Do something.  Each and every one of us has had something similar happen to us where nobody helped us.  We will always remember that feeling.  Make a difference in someones life today.  Something as simple as a smile and small talk will turn someones day around.


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