I`m a lightweight, better be careful what you say.  With every word I`m blown away.  You`re in control of my heart.  I`m a lightweight.  Easy to fall, easy to break.  With every move my whole world shakes.  Keep me from falling apart. – Demi Lovato, Lightweight 

When I first listened to this song, I thought that it was about bullying.  Recently I discovered that this song is about a relationship.  So today both interpretations of this song will be discussed.

Relationship: We all have been in some form of a relationship; whether it be a relationship of love, friend, family.  They all share one thing in common, Heartache.  The heartache can be healed and the speed of the healing depends on the type of the relationship that existed.  Love is really hard to fix, you can`t bounce back just like that.  It takes time, especially when you are entering a new relationship with someone.  You become a lightweight (you don’t know if what they are saying to you is true or not).  Risks that you would have taken right away in the previous relationship, are not risks that you are even willing to take with the new relationship. The best part about love is that it is very powerful.  So powerful that we break down those walls that we had once built around ourselves as protection, and realize that maybe this is the “one”.

With every word I`m blown away.  You’re in control of my heart.  I`m a lightweight.  Easy to fall, easy to break. With every move my whole world shakes.  Keep me from falling apart.

Bullying:  “The slightest words you’ve said have all gone to my head.”  Every single word that is said to someone that is being bullied is taken to heart, and will never be forgotten.  The hateful words bring the child down more and more and their perspective on themselves and life vanishes.  “Do you even know how you make me weak?” The victim becomes so weak intact that they just want to end their life, they have no drive or motivation to keep living.  “Easy to fall, easy to break.”  There are thousands of kids that “fall” into the deep end every week.  Once they fall, the probability of them breaking is even greater, speaking from experience.  “With every move my whole world shakes.” There are a few of us who pick ourselves back up and glue ourselves together, but we will not dust ourselves off (mainly because the “dust” will serve a reminder as to how far we have come).  “Keep me from falling apart.” The falling apart is the easy part, the hard part is trying not to fall apart again. That is where help needs to take place.  A victim needs someone there to help them on their road to recovery, just like a drug addict or alcoholic.  That is why I am sharing my story with others, so they know that there is someone out there just like them, that is willing to help them.

Goal:  Look at the people in your life and see if you can help them.  Put them back together.  Be the shoulder for someone to cry on instead of a pillow.  Be the person to stand up for someone else, because after all that`s one of the biggest things that can make a difference in a persons life.


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