My Story 4.0

Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them.  You will find that they haven’t half the strength you think they have.  – Norman Vincent Peale 

I remember a time when I was in fourth grade and I stood up to a bully.  The event took place on the school playground, which is the “breeding ground” for bullying to happen.  A fellow peer of mine was started to pick on me, I guess I was in the mood to stand up for myself that day.  I turned around and said “Bullies are nothing but cowards.”  The kid was stunned with the fact that I said that to him.  So stunned that he started to get mad, he asked me to repeat what I just said to him.  So I repeated myself “Bullies are nothing but cowards.”  I said it in a way that scared me because I was actually standing up for myself.  I started to see the kids eye twitch and his fists started to ball up.  I knew something was going to happen, something did happen.  He ran towards me and started punching me, I tried to get a punch in when I could.  A parapro eventually came and broke the fight up.  The kid was suspended from school for a couple of days.  Here`s the kicker, I was suspended for a day.  I was told that I was being suspended only to make it fair to the other student that was involved.  I guess that was one of the things that led to me being so defenseless of myself in the future.  I thought that I did something wrong because I was being punished, and the message was a mixed message to send to a child who was standing up for himself.  Looking back at it now, I realize that I am stronger because of it.

Goal:  Stand up for yourself and others no matter the situation.  Don’t just sit there and let it happen. Be the change.  You will feel amazing for doing it, trust me.


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