Trust me I`m a Doctor…

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It`s not. – Dr. Seuss

I thought that nobody cared about the issue of bullying when I was being bullied.  Something happened in the process of I no longer being the victim.  I noticed that there are organizations out there and there is help for people.  There is one problem though, that problem was having courage.  Yes, we are already brave for going to school/work everyday just to face our problems, but I am talking about a different type of courage.  The courage that I am talking about is the kind that you would use to speak up to your bullies.  It is the same kind of courage that you would need to talk to somebody about your problems.  It is hard to speak up, at least for me it was.  But I found my voice and I took a stand on this issue.  I care a lot about others and I want to at least be there (in a way) for someone who is going through what I went through.  I am here to make a difference.  I will make a difference.

Goal:  If you care about something, treat it like you are.  If you are passionate about an issue,work,family, school, etc. you will continue to pursue it throughout your life.  Try to find the one thing that you care a lot about and make it better, because no one else will.  I mean that`s at least the honorable Dr.`s advice.


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