Thank God for Hometowns

Thank God for hometowns and all the love that makes them go round.  Thank God for the county lines that welcome you back in when you were dying to get out.  Thank God for church pews, and all the faces that won’t forget you.  Cause when you`re lost out in this crazy world, you have somewhere to go and get found.  Thank God for hometowns. – Carrie Underwood, Thank God for Hometowns

So many amazing things can be said about my hometown of Albion, Michigan.  I don`t even know where to start, so if I bounce back and forth between subjects that is why.  When you are to drive through the town of Albion today you would not be impressed with what you see.  You would see the basic places that are in a town (restaurant, gas station, school, bank, couple of stores, car dealership).  Albion was not like this when I was a child growing up.  Albion was once known as an Industrial City, there were at least ten factories at one point in time that gave jobs to over half of the cities population.  In the early 2000`s the factories started to close/relocate, the hospital followed next.  The population of the town soon decrease as a result.  Because most of the jobs that were left in the town after the factories closed were educational (Elementary, Middle, High, and College) or entrepreneurial (family owned businesses) families had to leave town in search for new jobs.  The decreasing population of the town affected a lot of the businesses and education.  As a result in the towns decreasing population, the attendance of students in the schools started to decline as well.  The student population got to the point where they had to start consolidating the students into three different schools.  Matters only got worse from there.  After a period of time the School Board, could no longer avoid the event of closing down the only towns high school.  We (current students that were attending Albion High School) were not left out in the cold with no place to go to school the next year.  The Marshall school district welcomed us with open arms.  Some say that a major part of Albion`s school pride vanished that day.  The truth is that Albion`s pride grew bigger and stronger that day.  Being a Wildcat means something to each and everyone of us who attended school in Albion.  Once you`re a Wildcat, you`re always a Wildcat.  Albion does have a school open now, but it is a K-8 district.  Their motto is “From good to great!”.  They really have done some amazing things in the school district since the new changes took place.  I remember going to the Bohm theater as a child.  When I was in middle school the Bohm theater closed it`s doors due to money problems.  Just recently, due to generous amounts of donations and a competition, The Bohm Theater has reopened and is loved by all. The best part about our community is that no matter what happened to us, we all stayed together especially in the case of Albion High School closing its doors (we did not go down without a “fight”).   Our community has come together for its citizens and businesses.  We support one another like we are a big family. We take pride in what we have accomplished (big and small).  Albion has and will always have a place in my heart.


Goal:  Look back at your hometown and see what it did for you, and where you are now because of it.  I take pride in the fact that I am from Albion.


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