So Small

Sometimes that mountain that you`ve been climbing is just a grain of sand, and what you`ve been out there searching for forever is in your hands.  And when you figure out that love is all that matters after all, it sure makes everything else seem so small. – Carrie Underwood, So Small

We all have struggles that we go through in life, those struggles are what make us human.  It seems like we are always quick to try so hard to achieve or to shake something, that we are not even looking at the big picture.  Maybe it`s the kinda of person that you are trying so hard to be, that you didn’t even realize the kind of person that you already are.  You could be putting so much love into something that doesn’t love you back, and while doing so there was always someone that you left behind that loved you no matter what.

It`s so easy to get lost inside.  A problem that seems so big at the time.  It`s like a river that`s so wide it swallows you whole.  While you`re sitting around thinking about what you can’t change, and worrying about all the wrong things.  Time`s flying by, moving so fast.  You better make it count `cause you can’t get it back.

I myself am always in a rush to finish things, or to get somewhere that I am not being fair to the life that I am living.  I should do things in a timely matter, that way when it is all done I will be able to enjoy all the work that I put into something instead of throwing something together and being satisfied with the results.  Maybe if I wasn’t in so much of a rush to grow up and be an adult, I would`ve been able to enjoy my childhood a little more.  I have had multiple grains of sand that I climbed and thought that they were mountains.  My biggest grain of sand was the bullying that I went through.  I did let it define who is was as a person in the past.  But I am not letting it define me as who I am as a person today.

Goal:  Don`t allow yourself to get lost inside.  Don`t wish for something that you do not need.  Love is all that matters after all.  You possess the power in your hands and can use it in/on everything or person that you touch.  Because everything seems so small when it is compared to the power of love.


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