Someone once told me that you have to choose, What you win or loose.

Why should I choose? What if I want to know what it`s like to win and loose at the same time?

You can’t have everything.

I don`t want everything.  I just want love.  Love from my friends.  Love from my family.

Don`t you take chances.

This is a chance that I want to take.

Might feel the pain.

I need to feel the pain in order to learn from my mistakes.

Don`t you love in vain.  Cause love won`t set you free.

Love is an emotion that nobody can control.  Love is Love. Love is Powerful, Powerful enough to set anyone free.

I can`t stand by the side and watch this life pass me by.

I don`t want to live my life as something that is already planned out for me.  I don`t want to just stand there and do nothing.  I want to be the person that does something.

So Unhappy, but safe as could be.

My overprotectiveness of myself might be what is keeping me safe, but it`s not keeping me happy.

So what if it hurts me?

People get hurt emotionally everyday, so why can’t I?

So what if I break down?

I want to have a break down.  A break down is okay to have every now and then and it is looked at as something healthy for you to go through.

So what if this world throws me off the edge.

It would`ve been the worlds loss.  Good thing that I am mentally stronger than that.

My feet run out of ground.

I will make a new ground, I will create a path that would be the one less taken by many.

I gotta find my place.

We all have a true place, a true calling that we were destined for.  Let me find it. I will find it.

I wanna hear my sound.

I will know my work is finished and that I have reached my true calling when I hear myself and the impact that I will make.

Don`t care about all the pain in front of me.

The pain will be a lesson learn and will only make me stronger.

Cause I`m just trying to be happy.

Not for you, not for her, not for him, not for them.  But Happy for me.

Just wanna be happy.

I want to smile, cry, feel pain, love, heartache, win, loose, fail, laugh.  I want to be happy.

I realize that this music video is about a relationship, but you can make the lyrics about anything you want them to be.

Goal:  Do whatever makes you happy, even if it makes those around you unhappy.  Be happy for yourself.


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