“I still fall on my face sometimes, and I can`t color inside the lines. `Cause I`m perfectly incomplete, I`m still working on my masterpiece.” – Jessie J, Masterpiece

Our lives are novels that are being wrote with every word that we speak.  Later in life when we go back and read though our novel we will laugh, cry, get red in the face, get mad, and even sometimes get embarrassed.  We laugh at those memories that we made as children and young adults.  We probably will end up laughing so hard at the memories that we made with our families that we will start to cry.  There will be other reasons for the tears to flow as well.  The loss of a family member/loved one/pet. Some of those moments in our novels are the saddest but most memorable.  We would get mad at ourselves because we realized that maybe if we made a different decision we could have lived our lives differently.  We get embarrassed when reading about those moments in life that you went through and wished that you never had in the first place.  A moment as simple as passing gas in the middle of a lecture in class.  When you think about, all of those chapters in your novel may not seem like a work of art at the time.  In the end, it will become a masterpiece.

Goal:  Remember it`s up to you to write your story.  Do not let someone else write it for you.  You are the one and true author.  You are the Masterpiece.


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