The Mirror Can Lie

“The mirror can lie, It does not show you what`s inside.  It`s amazing what you can hide just by putting on a smile.” – Demi Lovato

The mirror is a tool that almost everyone uses to help themselves get ready for many occasions.  The mirror helps you look presentable for work, school, an interview, date, ext… We all share the same problem with this object that we use daily.  The mirror only shows us what we want others to see.  Let me try to paint a more clear picture for you.  A girl in her teens is being bullied everyday because she is not “attractive”.  She is reminded constantly of her “unattractiveness” every time that she looks in the mirror.  So what does she do? She starts to make changes in her body that go too far.  She starts to take all these medications that burn her body fat.  Only so she can fit in with all the other girls in the school who are the “perfect size”.  She looks in the mirror and starts to smile, only to git rid of the reminder of who she once was.  If the constant weight loss isn’t enough?  The girl starts filling all of the drawers and cupboards in her bathroom with makeup.  She applies the makeup every morning before school so she can look flawless like all of the “beautiful” girls in the magazines.  The girl looks in the mirror and smiles because the only thing that she can recognize in the mirror now is her smile.  After a few months, the girl starts to get tired of this routine that she puts herself through every morning.  One day after school, the girl goes home and looks at herself in the mirror.  What she sees frightens her.  She doesn’t see a teenage girl.  She sees a complete stranger.  She can’t even smile  because she has nothing that is worth smiling for.  She starts to cry, in doing so, her makeup starts to run.  She starts to remove her make up and while doing so she cries more and more.  After she has finally removed the layers of makeup.  The girl looks at her self in the mirror.  A smile spreads across her face and she starts to cry again.  But these are not tears of sadness.  These are tears of happiness and joy!  She sees someone that she recognizes.  She sees someone that was always there all along.  She sees a beautiful girl! She sees herself!  Everyday after when she looks in the mirror, she smiles because she knows that to herself she is beautiful the way she is without having to apply anything to her face.

Goal:  Look at yourself in the mirror.  Do NOT look for anything that others judge you by.  Do NOT judge yourself.  Beauty is only  skin-deep, and what is on the inside is what truly matters.


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