The Beautiful things in this world must be felt by the heart

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

All too often do we go through life saying that things are beautiful. Guess what. When we do that, we are lying. We are lying not only to ourselves but to others. That girl who has to put ten pounds of make-up on just to even get attention. She was already beautiful without the make-up; beautiful on the inside and outside. That boy who`s parents splurged on a jacket (that they could not afford) that he desperately wanted just so he could fit in with the other kids at school. He was already beautiful/cool in his own unique way. There`s this thing out in our world now, this thing is called “Vanity”. The biggest problem with this so-called vanity is that we let ourselves get too involved in our appearances. Which causes us to forget what really matters when it comes to beauty. Natural Beauty. When you look at your friends and family, you realize that you didn’t pick them (friends) just because of how they looked. You picked them because you share something in common. You picked them because you’ve seen their natural beauty with your heart, the same goes for why they picked you as a friend.

Goal: The next time you meet someone (people you already know or a random stranger), do NOT look at them with your eyes. Look at them with an open heart. Do not look for their imperfections because most of the time you share the same flaws. Also look at yourself with your heart and not with the eyes that are blinded by vanity.


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