That is no Regret…That is a Lesson

“There are no regrets in life, just lessons.” – Jennifer Aniston

When we are to think about all the things that we regret happened to us, we are making it into a negative and letting it bring us down. Why not look at the situation a completely different way? Instead of letting that one mistake eat away at you, let it be a lesson. I am speaking from experience when I give this example. For our test we are to put our name and ID number (along with filling in the bubbles of the ID) on the scan sheet. I took the test. I put my name on it, I wrote my ID number. But I did not fill in the ID bubbles. I originally had a score of 93%, but because of my mistake I received a score of 83%. Do I look back at times and regret that mistake? Yes. But, instead of focusing on the negative, I make it into a lesson. I learned that no matter what, that those bubbles need to be filled in.

Goal: Everyone makes mistakes. Mistake making is part of being human. It`s what you choose to do with what you have learned from that mistake. That’s where we get most of our life lessons. So go ahead and admit that mistake that you just made, and turn it into a positive lesson. Remember if you make a mistake, you are doing something right with your life.


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