Songs, and Artist against bullying

There are days where I feel like I need a little pick-me-up. So I grab my phone and turn on the music. Skyscraper is the song that I mentioned in the previous post (My Story). And Warrior is a song that I remind myself of everyday. Like I said in another post, music is more than just notes. Music is an outlet and it is becoming more and more popular with todays younger generation. That is why it is so great to have songs every now and then to remind us that we will be the ones that will succeed in life. Songs that tell us to Shake it Off. Songs that remind us that we are Warriors, warriors that in some cases are fighting the very same battle. Yes I do realize that there are other songs out there, but these are a few that standout to me.

Mean, Taylor Swift

Who Says, Selena Gomez

Shake it Off, Taylor Swift

Skyscraper, Demi Lovato

Beautiful, Christina Aguilera

Warrior, Demi Lovato

Goal: Share your motivational song with me (as a comment, or as a message).


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