My Story, Part 3

Stay Strong. – Demi Lovato

I mentioned in my previous post about me being a born fighter, and I told you that I would talk about it now. I was a premature baby by two months. My mother had a complication in her pregnancy. The complication is known as Preeclampsia, the disease can affect the mothers blood pressure along with damaging her kidneys and liver. The other major side affect (if the condition is severe enough), death can be a result for both the mother and the child. The only cure is delivery of the baby. So the doctors had to perform a C-Section. My lungs were underdeveloped. I had to have breathing treatments until I was about five years old. When my parents brought me home form the hospital (I had to stay in the hospital in an incubator till my lungs were stronger and I was able to eat), I was no bigger than a Pepsi can. As a baby I Stayed Strong and fought. When I was growing up I started showing signs of behavior problems. So my parents decided to take me to see a doctor about my problems. I was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). We tried a variety of medications. I could not focus on my school work, my thoughts would be all over the place when I should`ve been paying attention in class. My grades were terrible as a result of my short attention span. When I was a sophomore in high school we finally found the right prescription for my disorder. I went from being a “D” average student to an all “A`s” Honor Roll student. As a child/young adult I Stayed Strong and did not give up. I know that this post is a little different from my previous posts. I wanted to give my viewers a deeper perspective on me and where I come from.

Goal: No matter what is going on in your life, just remember to Stay Strong.


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