My Story

I have a story that inspired me to make a change in not only my life; but in the life of others. Since I was in Elementary School I`ve been a victim to bullying. It started off as playground name calling; and escalated to more personal issues in Middle School. I did not talk to anyone about my problems which led me to eating my feelings. That only made matters worse because I was being made fun of because of my weight, in return I would eat more. I was also made fun of because my voice sounded very feminine like (teenage boy going through the stages of puberty). I would go home crying everyday because I was being ridiculed by my fellow peers. Crying because I thought that I didn’t fit in. Crying because I was didn’t know what to do. It got so bad that I would start thinking of excuses as why not to go to school in the morning, the one place that a child should feel safe. Which affected my education in a negative way. I didn’t know who to trust. I started to isolate myself because I felt safer on my own. I made a tremendous change that saved my life when I was a Freshman in High School. The pain got so bad that one day I wanted to end it all. Something happened at that moment. I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror. What I saw scared me. After that ordeal I went to my room and turned on the radio. A song came on that helped me change my life. That song reminded me that no matter what I would be the one rising from the ground like a skyscraper. I used that song as my motivational tool. I went out of my comfort zone to become more active. I started to loose weight. The social part was hard for me at first because of the trust issues that I had developed. The biggest challenge that I overcame was to learn to love myself for the person that I really am. To someone I might not be the “perfect” size. But in my eyes I am the perfect size; I am not too fat nor am I too skinny, I am just right! My recovery process was a long one. My grades started to go up, because I was not missing any classes. During my Senior year I got the chance to speak to a group of middle school students and share my story with them. I noticed a girl crying. At the end of my presentation a student came up to me and said that she could relate to my story. She also told me thank you. I have been told multiple times that my story and experience is going to save lives so I though that this would be the best shot at obtaining a bigger audience.


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