You are Perfection

“I gave up my struggle with perfection a long time ago. That is a concept I don`t find very interesting anymore. Everyone just wants to look good in photographs. I think that is where some of the pressure comes from. Be happy. Be yourself, the day is about a lot more.” – Anne Hathaway

We all have struggles with perfection. Do we like to admit it to others? No. Do we like to admit it to ourselves? No. Do we ourselves know that we have an issue? Yes. Children and teens are under tremendous amounts of stress, most of which is to physically look attractive. There are ads all over magazines and television that have people who “genetically” do not look like that in real life. Do the younger viewers know that? No. Children and teens are very impressionable, any minor flaw such as their weight, the style of their hair, the clothes that they wear are all factors of what the media has defined as perfection. That is NOT perfection. Perfection is being yourself. Perfection is feeling comfortable in your own skin. perfection is sharing your natural smile with the world. Perfection is chiseling off the layers of makeup to show your true beauty.

Goal: Every time that you look at yourself in the mirror this week, do not frown. Smile because you are you, and nobody can be a better you than you. Go a couple days without makeup, it will be worth it. Don’t try to look like something that you are not. Embrace your true self. Embrace your true beauty, and realize that every single flaw that you think you have is just in your mind. The only and real perfection that there is in the world is when you are yourself.


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