“Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground like a Skyscraper.” – Demi Lovato, Skyscraper

“Another day going home from school crying.” I thought to myself as I was getting off the bus. I was a sophomore in high school. I hated the fact that I was getting bullied left and right at school. Bullied for being chubby. Bullied because I hadn’t grown into my voice yet. Bullied because I didn`t have any friends. Bullied just for the spite of it. I wanted to end it all that day. I was going to end it all that day. I had thoughts about committing suicide before, but I never actually thought that I would attempt it. As I was picking up the blade and made the movement towards my wrist I looked at myself in the mirror. What I saw in the mirror scared me. I scared myself so much that I in a way panicked, and I put the blade back in my parents bathroom. I went back to my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror again. I started to cry. I cried because the thought of me killing myself did not sound like myself. I collapsed on my bathroom floor, just laying there on the cold linoleum. After a few minutes I picked myself up and made the way to my bedroom. I turned on my radio and laid down in my bed. I wanted to calm myself down. A song came on the radio that captured my attention. The song said to me that no matter what struggles I have/had been through at the end I would be the one rising from the ground like a Skyscraper. That song really encouraged me to just keep going in that period of my life. After the song finished I turned off my radio and proceed to the kitchen to binge eat like I always would so I could avoid my emotions, along with trying to forget the past hour of my life.

Goal: Don`t forget, they are the ones who are going to stay on ground floor while you are the one that`s rising to the top.


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